Major Units for Fort Campbell

101st Combat Aviation Brigade (AUA) (WF J701)

Contact Information:
COM: 270-956-3481
DSN: 312-363-3481
FAX: 270-956-3520
DSN FAX 312-363-3520

Nickname “ wings of destiny” Subordinate units are; 101stAviation Brigade, Headquarters, 101st Aviation Regiment, 1st Battalion, 101st aviation regiment, 5th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment, 6th battalion, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Squadron, 96th aviation support Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 2nd Battalion.

101st Division Special Troops Battalion (UEX) (WAB101)

Contact Information:
COM: 270-798-5029
DSN: 312-635-5029
FAX: 270-798-2594
DSN FAX 312-635-2594

Nickname “Strength of the Eagle” subordinates Units are; 501st STB, Headquarters, 101st DSTB, A Company, 101st DSTB, B Company, 101st Division Band, 101st DSTB, B company, 101st Division Band, 101st DSTB, B CO, 101st DSTB, C CO, 101st DSTB, E Company, 101st DSTB, PATH

101st Sustainment Brigade (SUA) (WAB801)

Contact Information:
COM: 270-798-2356
DSN: 312-635-2356
FAX: 270-7982342
DSN FAX 312-635-2342

Nickname “Lifeliners” subordinate Units are; 40th Public Affairs detachment, 106th Transportation Battalion, 129th Corps Support battalion, 561st Combat Support Battalion, 101st Soldier Support Battalion, 101st Special Troops battalion, 326th Engineer Battalion.

1st Brigade UA/ 327th Infantry (WAB401)

Contact Information:
COM: 270-798-6019
DSN: 312-635-6019
FAX: 270-798-9834
DSN FAX 312-635-9834

Nickname “Bastogne” the Major organic unit with the 1st Brigade is the 327th Infantry Regiment, composed of “Above the rest”, “No Slack’ subordinate Units are; 1st Infantry Brigade Headquarters, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 1-32 CAV Squadron, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd battalion, 426th Brigade Support Battalion, 327th infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade troops Battalion, 1st Special Troops Battalion.

2nd Brigade UA/ 502 Infantry (WAB501)

Contact Information:
COM: 270-798-7177/7178
DSN: 312-635-7177/7178
FAX: 270-798-0677
DSN FAX 312-635-0677

Nickname “Strike” Subordinate Units are; 2nd infantry headquarters 502nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd battalion 502nd Infantry Regiment, 1-75 CAV Squadron 1-320th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st battalion 526th Brigade Support Battalion 2nd Brigade Troops Battalion.

3rd Brigade UA/ 187th Infantry (WAB601)

Contact Information:
COM: 270-798-6018
DSN: 312-635-6018
FAX: 270-798-9837
DSN FAX 312-635-9837

Nickname “Rakkasans” Subordinate Units are; 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters, 187th Infantry regiment, 1st battalion 187th Infantry regiment, 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd battalion 626th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Troops Battalion 1-33rd Cavalry.